Daily Archives: December 4, 2012

My Workplace is a Paradise

I used to job-hop like crazy.  Nearly three years after I graduated from college, I already had been to 4 companies (my first job lasted for 4 months, my second for 8 months, my third for a record 1 month and my fourth job for another 8 months).  And no, I did not get laid off.  I resigned because:  (1)  I found the working environment stifling  (2)  The pay is not good; and (3) Both.

I remember the times when my friends and I would meet up and share horror stories about our colleagues from hell or how meager our salaries were.  Each of us had our own issues of course that we were left wondering if there really is a company where we can have it all (read that as having a rewarding career with a nurturing workplace and a good pay).

Thankfully, I found those in my fifth (and hopefully last) job.

Plantation Bay Resort and Spa is a five-star hotel located in Mactan, Cebu.  I’ve been working here for five years now and I must say I cannot be any happier.  Though the positions I’ve held are challenging, they are also very rewarding.  I’ve learned a lot and finally fulfilled my career objective of growing not just professionally but personally and socially as well.  Of course, there have been trying times but since we treat everyone here as family, the support I got from them was enough to tide me through those trying times.

Here’s how my workplace looks like.


Isn’t it a paradise?