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Too Strong a Bind


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The ties that bind.  It can be friendship, it can be love.  No matter what ties your heart to another’s, always remember that any tie that is bound too strongly is bound to snap.  So go easy on your loved ones.  Do not be possessive.  Correct if you must but do so with gentleness.  Love truly.  Cherish the person.  And always, show to them and let them know you care.  For the saddest part about love is not what is said or done but what isn’t.

Of Clouds and Sunsets

It’s been days since I made updates to this blog and that’s because I went to Manila for a much-needed respite.

My flight’s at 3:50 PM and since I knew my flight hours would coincide with the time when the sun would set, I specifically requested for a window seat.  Here are photos of my view of the sky.


I was actually sleepy the entire duration of my flight but there was a bawling baby two seats behind me so my ears were treated to some jarring “perk-me-up.”  Good thing there were views like these to calm my frayed nerves.



Finally, sunset came and as always, the sunset lover in me was treated to a captivating skyline of light yellow and orange against blue.





Sunsets are so pretty, don’t you think?  Especially when viewed up close, say from a plane’s window seat.

Cebu: Bojo River Eco-Cultural Tour

This trip was a gift from a friend so pardon me if I have no idea on the cost or directions because we took a private car to get here.  But I did include in this post a how-to-get-to-Aloguinsan instructions as taken from their flyer.

Upon arrival, we were given leis in their BAETAS Center.  It was also in this kubo that they gave an orientation of the tour.  We also had our meals here.  Souvenirs (mostly local delicacies like kamote or sweet potato cookies) were also available.


After giving us a lei each, they then sang a Cebuano welcome song.


While listening to them, I took in this very rustic view of Bojo River.


I was also amazed at this flower arrangement consisting of Gumamela (Hibiscus), Calachuchi (Plumeria) and cosmos flowers.


Buko (young coconut) was also served together with local delicacies like puto (steamed rice cake), budbud ( glutinous rice cake wrapped in banana leaves) and pancit.




My friend loved the pancit while I loved their budbud because unlike those sold in city markers, this one was made of pure glutinous rice.  It was so delicious I was able to finish 3 pieces.

During our meal, a guide discussed mangrove ecology and gave a bird wildlife lecture.  It was only after this that we were allowed to go on a river cruise.


These children were having the time of their lives swimming in their clean river.  They also gamely posed when they saw me aiming the camera in their direction.



These are the views I had during our river cruise.



Our guide also pointed at this yellow bird (Can you spot it in the picture?) and shared that it just laid eggs.  I was not able to spot any other birds but we could hear them the whole time.


These are my favorite among my Aloguinsan photos.  This is where the river meets the sea and what’s interesting are the mountain formations that serve as the doorway to where these two meet.



At the sea, the color of the water changed from murky green to blue.


The only thing that I did not like about this tour is that the “beach” was too rocky that’s why they brought us to another spot so my friends could go swimming.  I opted to read a book and this nook became my makeshift crib.


Afterwards, we had lunch consisting of grilled fish, adobo and tinolang manok.  This happened to be one of my lazy days though so I was not able to take photos.

All in all, it was a good trip that according to my sustainable tourism advocate friend was eco-tourism at its finest because it was “by the locals, for the locals.”  Proceeds from this tour help fund community basic services and river protection and provide alternative income to families.

Getting to Aloguinsan:  Aloguinsan can be reached by public buses or vans for hire (V-hires) from the Cebu South Bus Terminal in Cebu City with an estimated travel time of 1 to 2 hours.  One may also take the Awayan, Carcar via Valencia route with the same estimated travel time.

Contact details:  
Telephone Numbers: + 63 32 469 9312; + 63 32 469 5604

Giftwrapping: Raffia Ribbon on a Handmade Gift Tag with Letter Cut-outs


Wrapper: plain pink cartolina.

Gift Tag: plain white folder piece cut into a circle and colored blue using Crayola crayon in cerulean. It was then coated with Leeho Glitter Glue in light blue. The recipient’s name was from colorful letter cut-outs from a magazine. The gift tag was ribboned on the gift box using pink raffia.

Accent: craft-punch flowers in blue, dotted light pink.

My Freedom Versus God’s Will

rezar-pray-spanish-englishphoto credit

I know I am created by God.  Never for once have I doubted this.  I know my life is His gift but growing up, I gradually but surely claimed it as my own.  My mantra has always been the lines in William Ernest Henley’s Invictus that say,

 “I am the master of my fate:
 I am the captain of my soul.”

My freedom versus God’s will.  These two contrasting choices make decision-making quite a struggle for me.  But because I am obstinate and want to always be in control, my freedom to choose what I want almost always wins.

Over the years, I have lived my life the way I want it lived but lately, I am bothered by this constant nudging I feel in my heart.  I know God wants something else for me but it is just typical of me to hold on to what I want.  And so we clash.

Today’s prayer though answers everything for me.  My freedom and God’s will need not contrast.  My Lord and my God and I need not clash.  For it is when I use my freedom to choose His will that the best decisions are made.

My life is a collaboration between God and me and it is when I control less of it that I do more than better for it is when I let go and let God that I do and am at my best.