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Seen: Showbiz Celebrities and Whatnot at the Sinulog Grand Parade

There was Gary V who looked dapper despite his casual look.


This one’s actually just a tsamba (lucky) shot.  I heard people shouting so I kept on shooting without knowing who it was that I was taking pictures of because I honestly did not recognize Derek Ramsey in his Kidlat costume.


It was only after I reviewed this photo that I knew it was him and with him was Nadine Samonte, his leading lady in Kidlat.

I did recognize Wendell Ramos.


We also saw Maricar Reyes and Charee Pineda.


On the same float were Giselle Sanchez and Charee’s Angelito co-star JM de Guzman (wearing a green shirt).  They said the one in black was Dingdong Dantes but he had his back to us the whole time so I really couldn’t tell.


Lastly, there’s basketball star Doug Kramer.


They said these people are also actors and actresses, but I really am not familiar with them.



Aside from these celebrities, other personalities of note during the Sinulog Parade were people who dressed up as anyone they pleased e.g. Princess Leia and Darth Vader from Star Wars.



Or this Bird Man.


And this giantess.


But this one’s more suited to be on a Halloween parade.


Lastly, it was also interesting to see floats of all sizes and designs.


Sinulog 2013


The word Sinulog comes from the Cebuano word sulog meaning like water current movement, which is said to resemble the forward-backward movement of the Sinulog Dance. This is an annual festival held every third Sunday of January in honor of the Child Jesus.


I’ve been living in Cebu for four years now but I’ve never witnessed this festivity until yesterday since the past years, I was either on duty or on vacation in Aklan where we also have our renowned Ati-Atihan festival.  While Sinulog was interesting to watch, I still and will always prefer Ati-Atihan over it because in the former, the crowds are mainly spectators whereas in the latter, anyone can join in the fun and dance on the streets to their heart’s content.

During Sinulog, unless one has a media ID, it was difficult to take quality photos because they have crowd control to hold back people from getting too close to the participants.  Those who managed to sneak in were asked to get back behind the line once the dancing started.  So pardon the quality of my shots as these were all taken from the sidelines.








And because Sinulog is a festival held in honor of Señor Sto. Nino, I will end this post by posting my  photos taken with him on them.



Viva!  Pit Senyor!


At the Beach…


At the beach, life is different. Time doesn’t move hour to hour but mood to moment. We live by the currents, plan by the tides and follow the sun…
– Author Unknown

The above quote is one of my favorite quotes about the beach and the accompanying photo is my favorite shot of Bluewater Sumilon’s ‘infinity’ pool.  It’s actually just a small pool made to look bigger and more impressive by the illusion of its edge appearing to merge with the sea.

The said photo also happens to be my desktop background.  I got inspired with posting it when after being glued to my laptop’s screen for hours, I realized my past week was so busy each day passed like a blur and I haven’t updated this blog in ten days.  It also made me realize how I miss going places.

I definitely need a break and look forward to my Batanes trip in late February.  🙂

Birthday Card: Quilled White Flower against Embossed Purple Cardstock


Background: Plain purple cardstock that I painstakingly embossed against an embossing plate (AE 1217) using Fiskars Dual Tip Stylus. I said painstakingly because this was the first time I tried this method and the effort of tracing the stylus against the plate was quite tiring. But the end result’s all worth it.

Borders: Both top and bottom borders are giftwrapper pieces.

Accent: Quilled cones arranged into a set of flower. I’m not really particular when it comes to my creations so I usually come up with flowers that may or may not exist in real life. Te he. The leaves on the left side were made through paper-folding while the one on the right and the swirls were quilled.

Sentiment: Birthday wrapper cut-out. I then added a giftwrapper piece with stitch effect as its accent.

To finish this off, I added a metallic purple pink butterfly.

Nobody but Herself


photo credit

“She’s going to be a doctor,” the mother said as she eyed her daughter with pride. The other mothers who were with her on the busy playground one lazy Saturday afternoon nodded as they too shared their wishes for their respective children. One wanted her daughter to be a lawyer. Another wanted her son to be an engineer. And another wanted her son to be a successful businessman. One mother in particular was especially quiet so the others turned their attention to her and asked, “How about your child?” And she smiled before saying, “I want her to be nobody but herself.”

What a wonderful mom she is. This woman who wanted her daughter to be just herself. It doesn’t matter if she becomes a doctor. Or a teacher. Or an actress.  What’s more important is that she becomes her own self. In a world where most parents impose on their children to live their (parents) dream for them, this one mom broke the mold by letting her daughter choose who and what she wants her self to be.