Daily Archives: March 13, 2013

Each Day is a New Day

I once wrote about how Plantation Bay’s Galapagos Beach and Wharf is my favorite spot come sunrise since it has the best view of the rising sun in all of Plantation Bay.

Today is no different. I was temporarily sidetracked from jogging/walking when I saw this splendid view.

Colorful Sunset

I have an almost similar picture of Plantation Bay’s boat during sunrise posted here. While the subject is the same, each photo is made unique by their different composition, which brings to mind the caption I wrote on my Facebook page for the above photo.

It’s amazing how we can be on the same spot every day but see different views because God chooses to paint the sky in a different set or shade of colors each day…

Here are two more shots from today’s sunrise.


photo-1 (2)
Photos taken using just my iPod Touch since I normally don’t bring my camera or mobile phones with me when I jog.

I’ve been living in Plantation Bay for nearly four years now. I’ve watched sunrises in the same spot countless of times. Still, I don’t (and never will) tire of looking at such beautiful creations. For in the same way that no two people are exactly the same, so too are God’s everyday painting of the sky.