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Cebu: Mactan’s Lapu-Lapu Shrine


Lapu-Lapu is regarded as the Philippines’ first Filipino hero after he resisted Spanish colonization in 1521. To honor his bravery, a 20-meter bronze statue was built in a city that also bears his name.

Here’s another shot  of the statue, but from a different angle.  Too bad the “bronze” is starting to peel off.

Aside from this statue, visitors to this site can also see a huge painting depicting the Battle of Mactan as well as a couple of inscriptions.


I just find it amusing that while we built a statue honoring Lapu-Lapu, we also put up a coral stone monument for his defeated foe.


Just some tips: Go out of the park to discover a mangrove plantation.


Or go to the nearby shops for some really cheap souvenirs of your Cebu trip.


Native bags and purses, fans, shell and capiz products, fridge magnets, key chains, necklaces, earrings, bracelets… Name it, and they have it. They even sell native slippers, summer dresses made of malong or batik, and guitars. What more, they’re cheaper compared to those in malls.  I once bought shell and wood necklaces for Php 10 per piece.  And, unlike in malls, here, you can haggle for a lower price especially when you buy in bulk.