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Los Angeles: Palms Thai Restaurant

I have low tolerance for anything spicy so I’m not really a fan of Thai cuisine. In 2008, my company sent me to Bangkok, Thailand for a convention and food-wise, that was one of my unhappiest trips. All our meals were provided for by the organizers and I had to make do with sandwiches and fruits since everything else was spicy.

The newspaper and magazine clippings/reviews hanging on Palms Thai Restaurant’s walls are a testament to how popular the place is, and I could only hope the raves are true as my tummy was already rumbling long before we arrived in the restaurant since we just finished walking for almost an hour along Hollywood Walk of Fame.


This meal was a treat from our very nice host family who happens to be Palms’ frequent costumers so we let them choose our food.

We had Thai Iced Tea for our drinks, Spicy Seafood Soup, and Papaya Salad.

There were Pad Thai, Shrimp Cakes, and Beef Sa-Tae too.


The tea tasted more like milk than tea and reminded me of bubble tea sans the tapioca pearls. I tasted the soup and though it was not too spicy, I only had at most three spoonfuls.  Their Papaya Salad was really good. I liked their Beef Sa-Tae and Pad Thai (though the latter was of course too spicy for me so I only ate a little), while the Shrimp Cakes were my favorite.

We were told that the place is also famous for its Elvis impersonation but since this is only available at night, we missed it so I just took a photo of Elvis’ statue. At their parking space, there were also paintings of celebrities, but since we were in a rush, I managed to get just the photo of Barbra Streisand.


For more information about Palms Thai Restaurant, please visit its official website.