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Camiguin: Tuasan Falls

Tuasan Falls is located 6 kilometers northeast of Catarman.  It was our next stop after Sto. Niño Cold Spring Resort.

This natural attraction is still undeveloped and Kuya Criz mentioned that this particular falls is more beautiful than Katibawasan, but it’s unknown to most tourists due to its inaccessibility, though when I was there, the roads were already being fixed.  So was the access point going to the falls.

Kuya Criz dropped me off about 30 meters from the falls’ drop (previously, the drop off point was about thrice this and one has to navigate through lush foliage to get to it).

From where I was dropped off, I could already see the falls.

Looking at it, I was amazed at its high drop and the flash of white against the dark green of the forest made it more beautiful to look at.

As I navigated through the rocky river bed, I took my sweet time taking photos of lush greenery and clear waters.

The water was cold and the rushing water in some areas was very strong, even deep so prepare to get wet even when you have no plans of swimming.  The rocks were also slippery that twice, one of my flip-flops was swept away by the current.

I admit that I was disappointed that there were about half a dozen people when I went here though they were so nice they offered to take my photos and encouraged me to take a dip.  I declined.

By the way, I spoke with their guide and was told they were priests.  Interesting.

I wanted to come close, but the falls’ impact was too strong I could feel splashes of water 5 meters from its drop.  And boy, was it cold!

Just look at the mist surrounding its drop!

I must say that Tuasan Falls is a must-see when in Camiguin.  Its rugged beauty is just amazing!  Just look at this succeeding photo, which is my favorite photo from this set.

You must have noticed the different composition of this photo, and it’s because I used HDR mode and edited this using PicsArt.

Isn’t it beautiful?  I just feel sad at how it’s being developed because it might end up like Sto. Niño Cold Spring Resort or Katibawasan Falls, which are now too commercialized a destination.