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Camiguin: Katibawasan Falls

This is Camiguin’s most popular falls.  It features a clear stream of water cascading 70 meters into a pool of green waters.

Entrance fee for adults is Php 20, Php 5 for children, and Php 10 for students.

These photos were taken before we descended the stairs leading to the pool.  I thought the falls looked beautiful!  The stream of white against the lush greenery was quite a sight to behold.

That is, until I reached the landing and saw how the provincial government “developed” the falls.  They built a man-made pool where the falls can drop into then cemented the entire area around it.  They also built tables and sitting areas in front of the pool.  There are restrooms and changing areas too.

I would have preferred a more natural approach.  That is, they left the falls alone and just let it cascade over boulders and the greenery surrounding it.

Here are more photos taken at the landing area.  I was again happy that when we came here, there were no other tourists.

Note that the area close to where the water drops is restricted undoubtedly because of the strong current.  It’s roped off and there’s a signage too (lower left photo on the above collage).

We were here quick, but I was thankful that we came at the right time because there was no one else except us.  I thus had a blast having my photos taken.

Too bad Kuya Criz cannot take perfect jump shot photos so they were all blurry (the one I posted was most decent and even this is blurry!).  Sheepishly, he asked me he would try again but by then, I was too tired to jump I told him it’s fine.

I took the time to go beyond the cemented area and took in these views.


Rugged and beautiful.  If only they left it this way.  *Sigh*

On our way back, I took this photo of the falls from the top-most parts of the stairs.

By now, a group of tourists had arrived and from what I heard, they were keen on swimming here.  Good thing they arrived just as we were leaving.

While Kuya Criz went to the restroom, I looked around and chanced upon these interesting flora.

All these flowers are familiar and the one on the upper left is actually my mother’s favorite flower to bring to the cemetery come November 1 (All Saint’s Day) as they don’t easily wither, but I can’t identify them save for the one on the upper right.  This cone-like flower is called  Zingiber spectabile or Beehive Ginger, which comes in different shades of yellow, brown, and red.  Pretty, isn’t it?

Outside Katibawasan Falls, I saw a stall selling Kiping and bought two (2) for me and Kuya Criz.

Kiping is a local delicacy that according to Kuya Criz is made of cassava.  I find it yummy and definitely a must-try when in Camiguin.