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Camiguin: Sights and Sites from Day 2

Highlights of my day 2 in Camiguin were my visits to Mantigue Island, Giant Clam Sanctuary and Kibila White Beach, Tanguines Lagoon, Ostrich Breeding Farm, Katibawasan Falls, and Ardent Hot Springs, which I already blogged in detail in my previous posts.

Here are bits and pieces of more attractions that we visited, plus landscapes that caught my eye.

First off is this photo of a ricefield with the mountains (or volcanoes? or both) at its background.  I loved how rustic this looked.

Though I don’t know the exact barangay where this shot was taken, I remember taking this on our way to Mantigue from Enigmata.

At Mahinog
These photos were taken in Mahinog, the jump-off point to Mantigue Island.

These were taken right in front of the boat rental area.

Here’s my favorite among the set.

It was a beautiful sunny day so the sky was a clear blue and since the water here was brackish, it lacked waves and just looked perfectly serene.

Mangrove Park
I’ve been to many mangrove parks in the country, but this so far is the most interesting.  The mangroves are the biggest I’ve seen.

Note that there are no entrance fees to pay at this particular park.

I loved the view of the sea to my right (lower left photo).

Because Camiguin is home to an active volcano, the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS) has a facility here to monitor Hibok Hibok.  Kuya Criz recommended going here because it offers a good vantage point in seeing the province and the volcano itself.

We also went inside the facility where the staff gave me a quick history of Mt. Hibok Hibok and showed me photos of old Camiguin.  There were information and photos too about the volcano’s eruption from 1948 to 1953.


A few meters from PHIVOLCS, I spotted a local riding a carabao so I asked Kuya Criz to stop and asked the old man if I can take his photo.  He said yes.

He was actually with his son who was pulling the cart, but I opted to just take a photo of the father and the carabao.  Father and son said they were on their way to haul camote (sweet potatoes).

More random photos
The grazing goat photo (lower right) was taken near J & A Fishpen while the ricefield photo was taken on our way to Katibawasan Falls.

I also included a photo of a tricycle, which I took at the market when we dropped by to buy some snacks and bottled water.  Tricycles are the main mode of transportation in the province.

And thus concludes day 2 of my Camiguin trip.