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Camiguin: Flora and Fauna In and Around Enigmata Treehouse


The above is my favorite photo from this set.  I tried googling its name, but came up empty-handed.

And here’s the rest of the flowers I saw at Enigmata Treehouse.


Of the above, I am only familiar with Heliconia (middle, left) and Hibiscus (upper right). The all-yellow flower (middle, top) is actually that of a bitter gourd.

I also took the time to check out the neighborhood and here’s how it looks like.


It’s a nice, quiet neighborhood, with a good view of the mountains (or volcanoes?)

While walking around the neighborhood, I also chanced upon these interesting flowers.


Isn’t the Cosmos beautiful? I used to see just its orange variety so I was amazed at seeing this pink specie. I don’t know what the yellow and lavender flowers are called, but I’ve seen them before. The orange flower is called Lantana. I find this flower deceiving since it looks beautiful, but smells anything but that in our dialect, it’s called baho baho, which means smelly.

These plants that are mostly weeds also caught my attention. I couldn’t individually identify them though, save for the Mimosa Pudica, or makahiya (upper right).


These animals also caught my attention. There’s a farm in front of Enigmata and all these animals were from there save for the black cow and the pig.


The turkeys were the most troublesome of the lot because they were so noisy that they and the crowing roosters were my daily alarm clock when I was in Enigmata.

I’ll end this post with my favorite shot of a grazing sheep.


How cute.