Daily Archives: April 7, 2015

Phoneography Challenge: Reflection on Still Waters


“Zen masters say you cannot see your reflection in running water, only in still water.” – Elizabeth Gilbert

When I took the above photo, I was on my way to the office from our coffee shop where I had breakfast. I was on the phone and in a hurry so my surroundings were lost on me. I have lived in this resort for almost 6 years so I sometimes take its beauty for granted.

When I reached our Galapagos Beach, I met a couple of guests and heard one of them exclaim, “Wow!” By this time, I was done with my call so I looked at where her attention was drawn and noticed that indeed, the view was very pretty. I was especially charmed by the reflection of the coconut trees on the water.

In this fast-paced and constantly moving world, I sometimes forget to stop and smell the roses.  Worse, I have allowed  myself to be jaded.

And so I write this post to remind myself to take the time to enjoy life’s simple pleasures. More importantly, to be truly still not movement-wise but heart-wise that when I look at still waters, I would be able to see my reflection smiling back at me.

This post is an entry to the Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Devices Photo Challenge by Lens and Pens by Sally. This week’s theme is Nature.  Photo taken using an iPhone 6.