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Pink Tabebuia

While I see the above flowers almost year-round, they do not appeal to me until summertime when the tree sheds most of its leaves and in their place, dainty pink/lilac flowers blossom.

Since I do not know its name, I did a Google search and found out its Tabebuia or roble. Some people refer to this particular tree as a “trumpet tree,” but Wikipedia disagrees.

Tabebuia is native to the American tropics and subtropics from Mexico and the Caribbean to Argentina and is commonly grown as a flowering tree for gardens and roadsides.

A trivia: The nectar of Tabebuia flowers is an important food source for several species of bees and hummingbird.

No wonder I kept on seeing bees while I was taking these photos. They were moving so fast though, so I was not able to capture them.

Here’s a close-up of a Pink Tabebuia flower.

The corolla is very light pink/lilac that it looked almost white.  It has a yellow center.  I was lucky I found the above, as the flowers are usually in clusters.

While daintily pretty, the flowers don’t last long.  I notice that some trees with a beautiful crop of flowers lose them in 4-7 days.  I took these photos late last week and this morning, the same tree that’s pictured above doesn’t look as pretty as pictured because 3/4 of the flowers was already gone.

That is why as soon as I saw the flowers in full-bloom last week, I made sure to take some photos.

Here’s my other favorite from this set.  This became my favorite because of the blue sky and the splattering of lilac, yellow, and green here and there.

My other favorite is the main photo from this blog, and it’s because in that photo, the cluster of flowers look so defined.

For more information about Pink Tabebuia, click HERE.