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Samboan: Binalayan Falls

After visiting Samboan’s Dao Falls, we headed to Binalayan Falls, which is also called Hidden Falls and Triple Drop Falls.

It’s easy to see why they called it Triple Drop.


This was easier to conquer than Dao, and the trekking time was also shorter (about 15 minutes).

After my friend paid the entrance fee of only Php 10 per person, we headed to the falls.

This coconut plantation was located at the bend right after where we paid the fees.

Binalayan 01

Again, get ready to get wet because to get to the falls, you have to cross about 2-3 streams.



The falls has 2 drops, and this was my first glimpse of its first drop.

Binalayan 17

Its waters flow straight into this stream surrounded with palm trees, ferns, and some other flora that I couldn’t identify.

Because we were tired from our walk, we spent some time at the swings by the stream. Here’s a photo of our guide Alex, at the tandem swing.

Binalayan 02

In front of this were these individual swings made of old tires.

Binalayan 03

After our short rest, we continued our trek up the falls.

At the first drop, we passed by these children.

Binalayan 04

This is a close up of the first drop, which honestly wasn’t that impressive.


A short trek from there was the grand second drop. 47 feet of waterfalls in 3 streams thus the name, Triple Drop.

Isn’t it beautiful?

I loved the lush greenery surrounding the falls’ base and the contrast of the water against the stone.

While its basin is smaller than Dao’s, I actually find Binalayan/Hidden/Triple Drop falls prettier than Dao because of its unspoiled look.

Binalayan 12
The water was also cool to swim in, though one has to be careful when swimming here because the pool seemed shallow one moment, but when you walk around, would have sudden drops.

Here are more photos of this beautiful falls at different vantage points.

The above was taken by the walkway while the photo below was taken at the center of the stream.  I decided to cut the stream of water on the succeeding photo to focus on the canopy of trees at the falls’ base.

We had the falls to ourselves for about 15 minutes before a family arrived. By then, we were shivering from the cold, so we decided head back.

Binalayan 07

Oh, before I forget, here’s a collage of my photos at Binalayan Falls. I had more, but since my friend who took them using her camera still hasn’t uploaded them, I had to make do with whatever’s on my camera.

Binalayan 21

Before trekking back, we again took a short rest by the stream. By this time, more visitors had arrived and all the swings were occupied.
Binalayan 20

On the way back, we again passed by the same coconut plantation that we saw earlier.

Binalayan 22

Here’s my favorite photo of coconuts.  This became my favorite because of the way the trees looked tall, dainty and graceful in this photo.

Binalayan 05
We met this cute dog too.

Binalayan 06

At the entrance, we passed by the fall’s signage, which had a photo of a dog swimming at the stream. The dog looked similar to the one we met by the coconut plantation.

Binalayan 23

Binalayan Falls is located in Barangay Bonbon in Tangbo, Samboan, Cebu.