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Christmas is in the Air (2015)

Are you feeling the Christmas vibe yet?  I am, because everywhere I look in my corner of the world, I see Christmas trees, star lanterns, wreaths, lights, and other Christmas decor.

Plantation Bay Nov 30 2015 (2)

The above was taken earlier tonight.  While Plantation Bay has always been mesmerizing at night, it is more so come Christmas time because all its acacia trees are festively decked in star lanterns.  And there are lights everywhere!

This is my favorite from tonight’s shoot.  I took it at the gazebo in front of Xanadu Lodge.

Plantation Bay Nov 30 2015 (6)

Photos taken with a Sony RX 100 II.


I found this beautiful flower while out walking in the neighborhood.

Passiflora (3)
I’m not sure if it’s Blue Passion Flower (Passiflora Caerulea) because it lacks blue coronal filaments, or Constance Elliott since it’s filaments are not pure white but half-white and half purple.

Passiflora (2)
The flower was also fragrant. Interestingly, while I was researching about this plant, I found out that its name, passion flower was in reference to the passion of Jesus. That is,

* the pointed tips of the leaves were taken to represent the Holy Lance
* the tendrils represent the whips used in flagellation of Christ
* the 10 petals and sepals represent the 10 faithful apostles (they excluded St. Peter who denied Jesus and Judas who betrayed him)
* the radial filaments represent the crown of thorns
* the chalice-shaped ovary with its receptacle represents a hammer or the Holy Grail
* the 3 stigmas represent the 3 nails and the 5 anthers below them the 5 wounds

No wonder it’s also called Jesus flower.

Here’s a closer shot.

Passiflora (1)

Pardon the photo quality since I used just an iPod Touch to take these photos.

For further reading about Passiflora, click HERE.

Isla Naburot Sunrise in Photos

IslaNaburot sunrise (4)
As mentioned in this post, Isla Naburot is a photographer’s paradise.  It offers scenic views of the islands and the seas, uniquely rustic accommodations, and a really colorful skyline at sunset.  And yes, an equally stunning skyline come sunrise.

IslaNaburot sunrise (5)

yep, the moon was very visible at almost 5 AM

It was still dark when I woke up, as the next photo will show, but because I noticed the pinkish skyline over the horizon, I decided to not go back to sleep.

It was chilly though, so I headed back to my room to get the pashmina I left on the balcony, and I was so happy I went there because I got to enjoy these views.

IslaNaburot sunrise (2)IslaNaburot sunrise (1)
When I headed back to the main hall and beachfront, the pinkish hues were now darker.

IslaNaburot sunrise (3)
I was also glad that at one point, I opted to just rest on one of the loungers because it gave me this perspective.

IslaNaburot sunrise (7)
Later, I walked around the beachfront and came across what became my favorite subject while there: this banca (boat), because it was always perfectly fringed by  frangipani or other flora, depending on my vantage point.

IslaNaburot sunrise (10)
Isn’t it amazing how the skyline changed colors just when the sun was about to appear?

And as always, I watched in fascination and wonder as the orange skyline turned yellow orange.

IslaNaburot sunrise (6)
This was taken just before the sun emerged.

IslaNaburot sunrise (8)
And this right at the moment when it finally broke free and bathed the island in molten gold.

IslaNaburot sunrise (9)

Beautiful sunsets need cloudy skies


“Don’t forget:
Beautiful sunsets
need cloudy skies.”
– Paulo Coelho

Do you ever feel like you usually get the short end of the straw?

Have you at some point asked for a lighter load, an easier task, a better something?

I have, many times, as is the case today, but then I remember this quote and I feel better.

Photo taken in Plantation Bay Resort and Spa using an iPhone 6.