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Guimaras to Isla Naburot

Guimaras (7)
Because Guimaras is a small province, we were able to tour most of its attractions in one day.  After checking out at Trappist monastery on Day 2, we headed to the pier for our boat transfers to Isla Naburot, a charming family-managed resort in Jordan, Guimaras (I made a teaser post about the resort HERE).  Since they do not allow other boats to dock in their private island, we had to take their own boat at Php 5,500 for 2 persons.

The weather was perfect for our boat trip to the island.  Here’s a photo of our view from the pier.

Guimaras (1)
Aren’t the clouds lovely?

My friend and I were the only guests onboard (there were 3 boat crew).  We were told the trip would take an hour so my friend opted to take a nap.  It was actually a tempting option, except that I couldn’t sleep and I also forgot to bring a book to entertain me.  I thus just opted to take phots of my views.

There were fishermen on their boats who are on their way either to Guimaras or Iloilo to sell their produce or buy their needs.

Guimaras (2)Guimaras (9)
There were stunning views of islets like this and I just loved looking at the contrast among the blue skies, cottony white clouds, lush greenery, and dark blue waters.

Guimaras (3)
We also passed by Guisi Beach where I was able to spot the new lighthouse.

Guimaras (4)
About halfway through our trip, we passed by this fishermen on boats.  I asked our boat captain why they were converging in just one area and he said it’s because the site was a designated fishing site.

Guimaras (5)Guimaras (6)

Here’s a close-up shot.

Guimaras (8)
Here are more views from my corner of the boat.

Guimaras (10)Guimaras (13)
And this one, which is from the center.

Guimaras (14)

Just beautiful.  And I loved how Isla Naburot’s boat had this really wide roof so even when it was too hot and sunny, we were protected from the sun.

Guimaras’s waters are surrounded by islands and islets thus its waters always look so serene.

Guimaras (15)
The clouds that day were just as mesmerizing too, and this one is my favorite.

Guimaras (11)
When we reached these wooden fish cages, we were told we’re nearing Isla Naburot.  Good thing, as my stomach was already growling.

Guimaras (12)
Closer to Isla Naburot are these islets.

Guimaras (16)
And right after the islets is Isla Naburot’s private docking area.

Guimaras (17)
Isn’t it beautiful?  The resort itself is even more so, so stay tuned for my next post.