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Isla Naburot Sunset in Photos

I took so many photos when I camped out at Isla Naburot’s private dock to watch the sunset, so I decided to make a separate post about it.

Isla Naburot Sunset (1)
The above is my favorite, because I loved how the palm trees framed the colorful skyline.

I also took the time to go beyond the cliffs and I was afforded with views like this.

Isla Naburot Sunset (8)
It was challenging to take photos on this part of Isla Naburot due to the craggy cliffs, which required balancing while framing my shots, especially when I was near the cliff’s edge, but the end results were worth the efforts.

Isla Naburot Sunset (2)Isla Naburot Sunset (5)
It wasn’t all shooting and balancing, though.  I did take a break to just enjoy the view.  I love sunsets and views like this never fail to impress me.

After about 30 minutes of enjoying the views, I decided to head back to the main hall as mosquitoes and other insects were beginning to feast on me, but I just had to stop to take more photos of the cliff-fringed skyline since they looked so pretty.

Isla Naburot Sunset (7)
It’s amazing how at sunset (or sunrise), the skyline can change so dramatically in mere minutes.

Isla Naburot Sunset (4)
Eventually, the pinkish hues disappeared and the sky turned blue-gray so I took it as my cue to call it a day.

Isla Naburot Sunset (3)
All photos taken with a Sony RX 100 II.