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Gold Coast: Views from Neddy Harper Park

While Neddy Harper Park is just one of Gold Coast’s smaller parks, it became one of my favorites because of its views.

It afforded me views of not just the calm waters of the river, but of Gold Coast’s skyline as well.

The building on the far right of the above photo is Q1 or Queensland Number One, which is the tallest building in Australia and the Southern Hemisphere.  It is currently the seventh tallest residential tower in the world.

This is my favorite spot in Neddy Park. I spent the whole afternoon here just reading a book or watching people do yoga, exercise, or walk their cute pets.

I did some bird-watching here too.  I saw about 3 other types of birds, but they were too elusive to capture.

Pardon the photo quality since these were zoomed-in shots.

Here’s a photo of Q1 from my favorite spot.


And a photo of some houses by the river fringed by lush greenery.

More random photos of my views this time taken near the river’s edge.

Too bad the docking area was roped off.  I bet it would grant me a better view of GC’s cityscape.

I thus opted to just take a closer of the houses as seen from the park.

I’ll end this post with this panoramic shot.

So pretty.

The Happy Introvert


And they wonder how I can spend a long weekend holed up in my room doing “nothing,” not realizing that despite my three days off work, I still feel I don’t have enough time to enjoy my books, writing, series and movie marathons, and arts and crafts.

I am often asked about how I can enjoy shopping or watching a movie by myself; I wonder how they cannot.

They marvel at how I can travel alone and be fine with it when I have always thought of travel as a journey of self-discovery, reflection, and learning.

It’s not that I don’t like people. I do (well, at least some of them, heh), and I love spending time with these people, but being introverted, I have always needed an alone time to think things over and recharge.

For me, being alone is not synonymous with being lonely. One can revel in being alone without feeling like s/he’s missing out on anything.

I am the happy introvert who is comfortable in my own company. I’m not anti-social, just selective of the company I keep and enjoy. And while some spend a lifetime chasing after their happiness, I have always found mine within myself.

photo taken at Cornell University’s Botanical Garden using a Sony Cybershot RX 100 II.  Contrast edited via Snapseed.  Frame/border is also Snapseed’s.  Text added using Phonto. 

Gold Coast: Views from Chevron Island Bridge


I didn’t know until I worked on this post that Australia’s Chevron Island is a man-made island. It was constructed in the 1950s and is now a stylish residential and business area.

I just walked from Surfers Paradise Boulevard to get to Chevron Island, but I didn’t mind the 15-minute walk because of the views.


The above is the bridge that connects Surfers Paradise to Chevron Island and all of these photos were taken from the bridge.

I had to go to the island since my friend and I wanted to try Boom Boom Burger as it claimed to be one of the top 10 burger joints in all of Australia.

Here’s a zoomed-in shot of some houses by the river.

All photos taken with a Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

Where to?


Follow your heart… it may not be always right, but it did tell you what you wanted at that moment. Never regret that you paid heed to its calling for the worst regrets often come from the silent, unmet needs of the heart.

If you had to be wrong to get it right,
or get lost to be found, be so.
Make the experience worthwhile.

Photo taken at Surfers Paradise in Gold Coast, Australia using a Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

Missing Gold Coast


I still dream of waking up to the sun’s caress on my face, of home-cooked meals and wine and cider…



I miss looking out at the beguiling sea, with its blue-green waters gathering together to create frothy waves that tirelessly kiss the shores…


I yearn to again be distracted from my reading or writing by the stunning Gold Coast skyline metamorphosing from a canvas of blue and white to a painted masterpiece of pink and purple and orange and gold…


I so miss my do-nothing days, my reverie occasionally broken by quiet conversations, or the sight of cottony clouds, dramatic moonrises, and captivating crepuscular rays…


These – and the sound of the crashing waves, the scent of oranges and peeled lemons, and the freeing feeling of being disconnected from a fast-paced world – I miss but am glad to have committed to memory.


Until we meet again, my beautiful side of somewhere. 🙂