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Gold Coast: Natural Bridge at Springbrook National Park

2016-08-13 11.12.16

The Natural Bridge’s name is taken from a rock arch where water from a waterfall along Cave Creek flows through. This was our next stop after Hinze Dam.

GC - Natural Bridge (12)

We passed by a rainforest to reach the arch, and these are just some of my favorite photos from my walk.

We passed by some bridge and creeks too, and signage like this made my walk more interesting.

GC - Natural Bridge (11)

When we reached the arch, I marveled at the unspoiled beauty before me. I spent some time here just listening to the sound of rushing water, relishing the views that I didn’t have to share with a lot of people (I was in Gold Coast in winter).

Natura Bridge - main photo

I just wish I came here at night, or at a season when it’s glowworms season… I bet the whole experience would be magical. I saw glowworms in Chicago’s Field Museum once, and it was amazing. How much more if I observe them in such a natural setting?

GC - Natural Bridge (7)

Nevertheless, I loved my views, especially when I went inside the cave and was greeted with these views.

Natural Bridge - panoramic

GC - Natural Bridge (8)GC - Natural Bridge (3)

While working on this post, I found out that there are a number of falls at Springbrook Park, and I got to see this before we left.

For more information about the National Bridge, click HERE.

Today’s Sunrise, May 17, 2017

sunrise - May 17, 2017

“The sunrise, of course, doesn’t care if we watch it or not.  It will keep on being beautiful even if no one bothers to look at it.” – Gene Amole

These are my thoughts as I made a detour from my morning walk to document today’s sunrise.  I didn’t want to leave, but I knew I also had to meet my Fitbit goal of walking at least an hour a day.  And as I looked back, the above quote couldn’t be any truer.

Shine on, my favorite sunrise, knowing that you’re beautiful just being yourself.

Photo taken at Plantation Bay’s Galapagos Beach.

Gold Coast: Advancetown Lake

Advancetown Lake (1)

Advancetown Lake is where Hinze Dam sits, and these are just some of my favorite photos of it.

Such stunning views, don’t you think?

Advancetown Lake (2)
Advancetown Lake (3)

Boating, canoeing, and kayaking are allowed on the lake, and I chanced on a couple of guys kayaking along it.

Advancetown Lake (4)Advancetown Lake (5)

As usual, I’ll end this post with my favorite photo from this set.

Advancetown Lake (6)

Don’t you just love the really calm blue waters, the lush greenery, and the cottony white clouds hovering over such a tranquil scene?

Photos taken either with my Samsung Note 5 or my Sony RX 100 II digital camera.

Sailing Out Into the Great Divide

sunrise - the great divide

I was immediately struck by the complementing yellow and purple colors when this scene unfolded before my eyes.  At the same time, the contrast between the two colors was just as palpable, and the boat was the perfect partition needed to separate them.

As golden as your promises
As dark as the uncertainties they bring
Still I dare to sail
For you have shown me all this time
That like my favorite sunrise,
You’ll shine through.

Camera: Samsung Galaxy Note 5
Location: Plantation Bay Resort and Spa’s Galapagos Beach

Cebu: Island Hopping to Gilutongan, Caohagan, and Talima Islands

Island Hopping 2017 (13)

It’s summer, and a long weekend because of Labor Day so what better way to spend an unplanned Monday than go island hopping?

Island Hopping 2017 (6)

Our first stop was to Gilutongan Island, a known marine sanctuary.  Before this, I always thought the island is called or rather, spelled Hilutungan (the G is pronounced as an H), as most websites spell it this way, but this restaurant sign says otherwise.

Island Hopping 2017 (8)

This was actually my third time here (my first two visits were in 2007 and 2012), but this was my first time to see the sign (our boatmen said the restaurant opened about 3 years ago).

Because it’s a known sanctuary, the designated snorkeling areas were teeming with fishes.  My friends happily swam and snorkeled, while I opted to enjoy the view because while I love the sight of the sea, I don’t like the taste of seawater.

Island Hopping 2017 (10)

The water looked so calm and there weren’t any waves.  Up ahead, the waters are a vivid dark blue, while it’s a clear blue-green on the opposite side.

Island Hopping 2017 (7)

Island Hopping 2017 (11)

We had the island for about thirty minutes before boatloads of tourists came rushing in.  By then, it wasn’t as much fun for us, so we decided to move to the next island.

Island Hopping 2017 (12)

Our next stop was Caohagan Island.  I already wrote a detailed post about this island HERE.  From afar, it looked the same.

Island Hopping 2017 (17)

But when we disembarked, I was disheartened to see that the island is now teeming with tourists.

Island Hopping 2017 (4)

The souvenir shops were still there, and they’re greater in number.  So were the seafood sellers.  Prices remain expensive.  (For souvenirs, I still recommend the shops at Lapu-Lapu Shrine.)

Island Hopping 2017 (1)Island Hopping 2017 (2)

We bought some crabs (again, expensive at Php 250 each) and seashells (Php 250 for a pile when a colleague brings them to us for only Php 200 for triple the quantity) and had them for lunch.  Here’s my share.  Nom nom!

Island Hopping 2017 (5)

This was an impromptu lunch (we thought we’d be done island hopping before lunch) so we didn’t have plates, spoon, and fork.  Thankfully, they sell paper plates (at Php 2 apiece!) as well as canned goods in the island (the de lata was for our companion who’s allergic to seafood).

After our filling lunch, we departed for Talima, our last stop.  The island is popular snorkeling area, but the fishes here aren’t as diverse or big as the ones in Gilutongan.

Island Hopping 2017 (15)Island Hopping 2017 (16)

At home, a friend asked me about my favorite among the three.  Hmm…  If it wasn’t as crowded, I would have answered Caohagan, so that left Gilutongan and Talima.  I wasn’t impressed with the latter, so yeah, among the three, I prefer Gilutongan Island.

Island Hopping 2017 (14)