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Gold Coast: Advancetown Lake

Advancetown Lake (1)

Advancetown Lake is where Hinze Dam sits, and these are just some of my favorite photos of it.

Such stunning views, don’t you think?

Advancetown Lake (2)
Advancetown Lake (3)

Boating, canoeing, and kayaking are allowed on the lake, and I chanced on a couple of guys kayaking along it.

Advancetown Lake (4)Advancetown Lake (5)

As usual, I’ll end this post with my favorite photo from this set.

Advancetown Lake (6)

Don’t you just love the really calm blue waters, the lush greenery, and the cottony white clouds hovering over such a tranquil scene?

Photos taken either with my Samsung Note 5 or my Sony RX 100 II digital camera.