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Camiguin: Ardent Hot Springs


Ardent Hot Springs was our next and last stop after our visit to Katibawasan Falls.  The water here comes right out of the forest and cascades into four pools of varying temperature ranging from 33°C to 38°C.  I read in one of the signages that the water here contains sulfur, which is supposed to be therapeutic.

Entrance fee is at Php 30 while cottage or table rental fees range from Php 70 to Php 150 for the first three (3) hours.  Additional fees apply for every succeeding hour.


From the guidelines, I found out that the place is open 24/7 (click on the above photo to read the full guidelines).

Before heading to the hot pools, we passed by this view.


The local government offers lodging accommodations inside Ardent and I’m guessing their rooms are housed in the facility in the above photo.  If you wish to stay here, call +63 88 387 0948.

When I finally got to the pools, I was disappointed.  Like Katibawasan Falls, I found it over and wrongly developed mainly because they created pools made of cement.

Why couldn’t they just leave our natural wonders be?  I had been to a hot spring in Northern Cebu where the water just pooled naturally, with boulders and greenery surrounding it.


The place was crowded during my visit so I canceled my original plan of getting a massage here, which would have been the perfect way to cap off my 2-day tour of the island.


Instead, I quickly roamed around to take photos.

It was nice to hop from one pool to the next since the whole area was shaded by towering trees.  There were nets too to keep the leaves and any droppings from trees off the pools.


Though the place was clean and well-maintained, I would have preferred an undeveloped spring over this.  And yes, I did try dipping into all 4 pools, but even the hottest one seemed lukewarm to me.