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Hong Kong: Ocean Park’s Flora

Previously, I wrote about Hong Kong Ocean Park’s rides and attractions. This time around, I am detailing some of the interesting flora I found there.

First off is this purple Moth Orchid or Phalaenopsis (I’m not sure if I got this right since I just used Google Images as my guide in naming this flower).


They just watered the plants before the park opened thus the dewdrops.

And here’s a collage of other flowers that I saw at the park.


Of the 8 flowers, I was only able to identify the African Tulip Tree (top photo on the left) and the Iris domestica (bottom photo on the left). The latter is also called blackberry lily, leopard flower, or leopard lily.

There were these flowers too, but I was not able to identify them.


Aside from the purple orchid, I also saw these other orchid species. Of particular note to me were the Cattleya (bottom left), which is one of my favorite flowers, and the Dancing Lady (the yellow one, top left portion).


See how the Dancing Lady looks like a lady in a billowy dress?

It was also my first time to see pitcher plants, which are carnivorous plants whose prey-trapping mechanisms feature a deep cavity filled with liquid known as a pitfall trap.


Lastly, here’s my favorite shot from the set.


Aren’t these yellow flowers particularly uplifting to look at?