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Missing Gold Coast


I still dream of waking up to the sun’s caress on my face, of home-cooked meals and wine and cider…



I miss looking out at the beguiling sea, with its blue-green waters gathering together to create frothy waves that tirelessly kiss the shores…


I yearn to again be distracted from my reading or writing by the stunning Gold Coast skyline metamorphosing from a canvas of blue and white to a painted masterpiece of pink and purple and orange and gold…


I so miss my do-nothing days, my reverie occasionally broken by quiet conversations, or the sight of cottony clouds, dramatic moonrises, and captivating crepuscular rays…


These – and the sound of the crashing waves, the scent of oranges and peeled lemons, and the freeing feeling of being disconnected from a fast-paced world – I miss but am glad to have committed to memory.


Until we meet again, my beautiful side of somewhere. 🙂


Night’s Muse

I’ve always loved the moon. There’s something so hauntingly beautiful about it as it becomes the bearer of light at night.

As a child, I even wished on a full moon. I also wrote many poems about it. At some point, I used Luna, which is Spanish for moon as part of my forum name.

It’s been so long since I saw a full moon, so I consider myself lucky to chance upon this when I stepped out for dinner.

Full Moon 020515

Since we had dinner by the beachfront, I was able to see tonight’s full moon up close.

Full Moon 020515-2

Isn’t it mesmerizing to look at a full moon casting its reflection?  It almost made me wish.  At the same time, it made me remember someone and ponder about something…

Photos taken at Plantation Bay Resort and Spa.