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Aklan: The Black-sand Beaches of Navitas

local children playing along the coastline

It just dawned on me when I was browsing through my posts about beaches that I so far have featured just the white-sand ones. So here’s one fun fact about my beautiful country: not only do we have white-sand beaches. We have pink-sand and black-sand ones too!

And in my hometown is a black-sand beach that became our weekend haven when I was growing up. You see, it’s just 30 minutes from our house so almost every weekend, we would go here for some family bonding.


Navitas Beach in Numancia, Aklan is perhaps about an hour from the province’s capital of Kalibo and as mentioned, features dark sand. The waves could get really rough here, which makes the frothy waves even more stunning against the black sand.

my pair of black & white Roxy slippers blended well with the view

I also spent most of my time chatting with my sisters that I did not start taking pictures until dusk was starting to settle and it was time to leave.

Pictures taken in November last year. Pardon the photo quality as these were taken using just my Samsung S3.