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Christmas is in the Air (2015)

Are you feeling the Christmas vibe yet?  I am, because everywhere I look in my corner of the world, I see Christmas trees, star lanterns, wreaths, lights, and other Christmas decor.

Plantation Bay Nov 30 2015 (2)

The above was taken earlier tonight.  While Plantation Bay has always been mesmerizing at night, it is more so come Christmas time because all its acacia trees are festively decked in star lanterns.  And there are lights everywhere!

This is my favorite from tonight’s shoot.  I took it at the gazebo in front of Xanadu Lodge.

Plantation Bay Nov 30 2015 (6)

Photos taken with a Sony RX 100 II.


Since last week, the weather has been really crazy. It’s very sunny in the morning then in the afternoon, the skies become cloudy. Come evening, the rains are torrential and there are even days when the thunder is scarily loud.

Today is no different and while I have been cursing the very unpredictable weather for days now as I have a trip scheduled on Friday, this view makes me appreciate the beauty that only this week’s dreary weather can bring.

cloudy 01

Isn’t the skyline so dramatic?

When I took the above photo this afternoon, it had not rain yet, but minutes after, it started drizzling so I had to stop my shoot, but not before taking this shot.

cloudy 02
All photos taken at Plantation Bay Resort and Spa using an iPhone 6.

Today’s Sunrise, September 17, 2015

Today I got sidetracked from jogging/brisk walking around Plantation Bay by this view.

Sunrise 03
It was low tide. Normally, I don’t like being by the beach during low tide, but when it is sunrise, I appreciate it since the craggy seafloor makes the shot more interesting.

After taking the above shot, I resumed my exercise only to again get sidetracked after one round of jogging because of this other lovely view.

Sunrise 01
The skyline just looked so pretty, don’t you think? And I loved how the trees made the look more tropical.

When I approached the beachfront, it was still low tide, but water was starting to get closer to the shore.

Sunrise 02
Oh, what I’d give to just spend my day in one of these loungers, reading a book while listening to the crashing waves…

But I had to earn a living so I stopped my morning reverie, took this parting shot and resumed my morning exercise so I could prepare for work.

Sunrise 04
Pardon the discernible noise in these photos. As mentioned, I was out jogging so I only had my iPod with me to take these shots. Editing courtesy of Snapseed.

Today’s Sunset, August 27, 2015

It’s been a very busy two weeks as I catch up on work after a month-long business and leisure trip.  I would always come home late and today was no different except that I took the time to go out come sunset for a change in scenery.  Imagine my delight when I was greeted by this view.

The above was taken at the Aqua Sports.  Since the skyline was more colorful on the resort’s West Lagoon, I headed to Peninsula Beach for a different view.

So beautiful, isn’t it?  I especially loved looking at the defined clouds with their pastel colors that looked straight out of an Impressionist painting.

I also walked along the spillway footpath to capture the colorful skyline above Yucatan and Zanzibar Houses and Xanadu Lodge.

Over time, the once pastel colors became more vivid, turning the pinkish hues to red.

When I finally reached Peninsula Beach, the colors metamorphosed to mostly blue violet.

So serene, don’t you think?  Definitely, seeing views like these is the silver lining to working overtime.