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Birthday Card: Quilled Hummingbird and Flower Using Combing Technique

quilled hummingbird

I found the above photo while I was about to reformat my old memory card. This card is actually one of my favorite handmade creations, but I never got to blog about it since I forgot that I have a photo of it. What I do remember Continue reading


Three-Dimensional Miniature Quilled Pot and Flowers

My first attempt at 3-D quilling.


The pot is quilled. So are the flowers, with the green and dark blue ones made using the fringe technique. I glued each flower on sticks then carefully arranged them. I used dark blue, light blue and white sand to cover the base of the sticks and give weight to this entire creation. The leaves are craft-punched using Martha Stewart Craft Punch – Frond.

Giftwrapping: Manila Paper Wrapper with a Handmade Gift Tag of Quilled Yellow Flowers


Wrapper:  Plain Manila Paper.  

Gift Tag: Everything about this is recycled. The gift tag is from a scrap of a Hallmark Scrapbooking Accessory label while the abaca rope was from the product label of a pair of Lee jeans.

Main Accent: Quilled yellow flower. I simply rolled a strip of golden-yellow quilling paper around the tip of a marker, slid them off then pinched both ends. I then folded a strip of shredded light yellow paper into four parts then glued them to one end. I made six of these to make 2 flowers with 3 petals each.

Here’s a close-up:


Birthday Card: Quilled White Flower against Embossed Purple Cardstock


Background: Plain purple cardstock that I painstakingly embossed against an embossing plate (AE 1217) using Fiskars Dual Tip Stylus. I said painstakingly because this was the first time I tried this method and the effort of tracing the stylus against the plate was quite tiring. But the end result’s all worth it.

Borders: Both top and bottom borders are giftwrapper pieces.

Accent: Quilled cones arranged into a set of flower. I’m not really particular when it comes to my creations so I usually come up with flowers that may or may not exist in real life. Te he. The leaves on the left side were made through paper-folding while the one on the right and the swirls were quilled.

Sentiment: Birthday wrapper cut-out. I then added a giftwrapper piece with stitch effect as its accent.

To finish this off, I added a metallic purple pink butterfly.

Christmas Card: Quilled Angel and Quilled Star


Background: The top is plain dark blue paper crumpled and creased then sprinkled with Leeho glitter glue in turquoise and blue. The bottom is yellow gold corrugated cardboard.

Main design: Quilled angel. On the upper right corner is a quilled star sprinkled with gold glitter, also by Leeho.

Accent: Four light yellow sequins placed on the lower left side corner.

Sentiment: Computer print-out colored using Crayola crayon in dandelion, topped with clear glue to give it texture.

Merry Christmas, everyone!  🙂