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Photo+Text: Wanderlust


The above photo was taken in Batanes using my trusty Canon Powershot G12.  Painting effect courtesy of my Sony Cyber-shot Digital Camera RX 100 II.  Border added using the Android app Pixlr-o-matic.

I chose the above quote since it’s something I can very well relate to.  Since being bitten by the travel bug when I traveled to Ilocos from Manila for a class trip in 2000, I’ve been traveling non-stop.   To date, I had been to the US, Russia, Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, Korea, Japan, and Vietnam.  I have also visited about 30 of the country’s 60 provinces.

Travel has such a profound effect on me. I love the experience.  I love not just seeing places but learning from different cultures.  Travel teaches me to  respect other people’s traditions and appreciate diversity. It ignites my sense of adventure and the change in scenery rejuvenates my spirit.