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Cebu: At Tuburan, Sitio Pulangbato


I spent most of my day yesterday volunteering for Island Rescue Organization (IRO), which cares for abused, abandoned, and tortured animals. They will be relocating at Tuburan, Sitio Pulangbato in Talamban soon and Continue reading


Baguio on my Mind


It’s officially summer here in the Philippines and though I have always loved the sun, the sand, and the sea, the sweltering heat of the sun these past days was just too much. I want to be back in San Francisco where it’s cold even at summer, but since SFO’s too far, I’ll settle for Baguio, the country’s summer capital.

Baguio, I am so missing you right now. And I’ve been missing you more since I saw some Baguio photos I took way back in 2009.



Photos touched up via Instagram.