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Today’s Sunset, February 11, 2015

Sunset 02.11.15

It’s been a long day, but this view made me appreciate my workplace and the perks that come with my being in-house.

The above thoughts reminded me of my dilemma. Last Monday, I was offered the opportunity to again take courses at Cornell University.  Thing is, Continue reading

Night’s Muse

I’ve always loved the moon. There’s something so hauntingly beautiful about it as it becomes the bearer of light at night.

As a child, I even wished on a full moon. I also wrote many poems about it. At some point, I used Luna, which is Spanish for moon as part of my forum name.

It’s been so long since I saw a full moon, so I consider myself lucky to chance upon this when I stepped out for dinner.

Full Moon 020515

Since we had dinner by the beachfront, I was able to see tonight’s full moon up close.

Full Moon 020515-2

Isn’t it mesmerizing to look at a full moon casting its reflection?  It almost made me wish.  At the same time, it made me remember someone and ponder about something…

Photos taken at Plantation Bay Resort and Spa.

Photo+Text: Lone Dandelion

Lone Dandelion

Pardon my looong hiatus from this blog.  I got busy during the holidays and in between my much-needed long vacation at home, got so swamped with work.

I came up with the above photo and the accompanying quote because I was annoyed with someone who, for the nth time took solo credit for something I initiated.  It’s a good thing that over the years, we’ve become friends so I was able to talk to her about how I really felt and we were able to settle our differences before we called it a day.

Nevertheless, I’m documenting this photo to remind me that there is more to life than getting credit for the things I do.  I know myself and more importantly, God knows everything.  I don’t need anyone’s acknowledgment to know my worth, or to know what I’ve done, or to affirm anything.  I only have to do my best, and He will take care of the rest.

Photo taken at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. Black and white filter courtesy of Snapseed. Text added using PhotoGrid. Pixlr-o-matic’s Sand frame completes this photo’s washed-out look.