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… Go ahead, read
And I will let you into my concocted world of words
Probe deeper and don’t just see me
But feel me as well
Living in each carefully chosen word…
Be aware of my heart and soul emancipated
From mixed feelings and pent-up longings
Including the cherished, even the shattered dreams
Embedded within the deepest recesses of my heart…
Hear my mind speak
Its thoughts put into writing
Metamorphosing into eloquent words…
Read between the lines
And you will know who I really am…
– an excerpt from my poem Prologue that always graces the first page of my journals.

Sailing Out Into the Great Divide

sunrise - the great divide

I was immediately struck by the complementing yellow and purple colors when this scene unfolded before my eyes.  At the same time, the contrast between the two colors was just as palpable, and the boat was the perfect partition needed to separate them.

As golden as your promises
As dark as the uncertainties they bring
Still I dare to sail
For you have shown me all this time
That like my favorite sunrise,
You’ll shine through.

Camera: Samsung Galaxy Note 5
Location: Plantation Bay Resort and Spa’s Galapagos Beach


The Happy Introvert


And they wonder how I can spend a long weekend holed up in my room doing “nothing,” not realizing that despite my three days off work, I still feel I don’t have enough time to enjoy my books, writing, series and movie marathons, and arts and crafts.

I am often asked about how I can enjoy shopping or watching a movie by myself; I wonder how they cannot.

They marvel at how I can travel alone and be fine with it when I have always thought of travel as a journey of self-discovery, reflection, and learning.

It’s not that I don’t like people. I do (well, at least some of them, heh), and I love spending time with these people, but being introverted, I have always needed an alone time to think things over and recharge.

For me, being alone is not synonymous with being lonely. One can revel in being alone without feeling like s/he’s missing out on anything.

I am the happy introvert who is comfortable in my own company. I’m not anti-social, just selective of the company I keep and enjoy. And while some spend a lifetime chasing after their happiness, I have always found mine within myself.

photo taken at Cornell University’s Botanical Garden using a Sony Cybershot RX 100 II.  Contrast edited via Snapseed.  Frame/border is also Snapseed’s.  Text added using Phonto. 

Where to?


Follow your heart… it may not be always right, but it did tell you what you wanted at that moment. Never regret that you paid heed to its calling for the worst regrets often come from the silent, unmet needs of the heart.

If you had to be wrong to get it right,
or get lost to be found, be so.
Make the experience worthwhile.

Photo taken at Surfers Paradise in Gold Coast, Australia using a Samsung Galaxy Note 5.



I know what you want me to be,
and I’m not there yet,
but I find it so touching
that you think that’s a beautiful thing.
We’re all a work in progress,” you say,
and I’d love to be the one
who’s with you as you grow,
as you live and learn
and celebrate the person
that you were, are, and will be.”
And I just want to thank you
for the inspiration and love.
It sure is uplifting to have someone
who wants me as I am
while unfailingly believing
in the person that I could become.

Photo taken at Cornell University’s Botanical Garden.  Contrast edited using Snapseed.  Filter (Aladin) and border (Clean) courtesy of Pixlr-o-matic.  Text added using Phonto.  

Tough Love

Mother and Daughter
photo credit

I was maybe eight or nine.  Mommy and I were playing Scrabble.  And she was clobbering me, her scores outmatching mine.  At that young age, I wondered why she would not let me win a match even just once.

Now I know why.

Mommy’s refusal to let me win showed how she believed in her daughter’s ability to go toe to toe with her.  It also showed her refusal to stroke my ego by letting me win albeit untruthfully.

Mommy taught me how to lose.  And in doing so, she taught me how to accept defeat with grace.  But she did more than that.  In teaching me how to lose at such a young age, she armed me with valuable lessons and truths about life that helped me get to where I am now.

For instance, she taught me that life is not always about winning.  In as much as our game of Scrabble was more about having fun during the game, life is also more about having fun while living.

Mommy taught me that I cannot expect people, even those whom I  love to always go easy on and be gentle with me.  Once in a while, people will knowingly or unknowingly hurt me and I must forgive them for that.

She taught me that in life, I get to face bigger foes and many difficult challenges, but tackling them head on is better that backing down and not learning anything at all.

That losing does not mean the end.  Life goes on.  And so we must too.

That perseverance will take me to where my defeated self cannot go.  I can definitely do better and get it right the next time (I won my first match against Mommy when I was about ten).

More than anything, my game of Scrabble with my mommy has taught me that love can get tough, but it’s love just the same.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mommy!  🙂