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Gold Coast: Natural Bridge at Springbrook National Park

2016-08-13 11.12.16

The Natural Bridge’s name is taken from a rock arch where water from a waterfall along Cave Creek flows through. This was our next stop after Hinze Dam.

GC - Natural Bridge (12)

We passed by a rainforest to reach the arch, and these are just some of my favorite photos from my walk.

We passed by some bridge and creeks too, and signage like this made my walk more interesting.

GC - Natural Bridge (11)

When we reached the arch, I marveled at the unspoiled beauty before me. I spent some time here just listening to the sound of rushing water, relishing the views that I didn’t have to share with a lot of people (I was in Gold Coast in winter).

Natura Bridge - main photo

I just wish I came here at night, or at a season when it’s glowworms season… I bet the whole experience would be magical. I saw glowworms in Chicago’s Field Museum once, and it was amazing. How much more if I observe them in such a natural setting?

GC - Natural Bridge (7)

Nevertheless, I loved my views, especially when I went inside the cave and was greeted with these views.

Natural Bridge - panoramic

GC - Natural Bridge (8)GC - Natural Bridge (3)

While working on this post, I found out that there are a number of falls at Springbrook Park, and I got to see this before we left.

For more information about the National Bridge, click HERE.