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Today’s Sunset, December 15, 2015

Today’s sunset was more subdued than the usual.  The sky was a very light blue with wispy white clouds, but the setting sun was a blazing orange-red.

Sunset 12.15 (1)

Too bad I couldn’t take my bike out for a spin to chase the sun for unobstructed views of it, or linger to watch the sky metamorphose as I had to attend a Christmas party.

Here’s my parting shot.

Sunset 12.15 (2)

Photos taken at Plantation Bay’s natural lagoon.

Isla Naburot Sunset in Photos

I took so many photos when I camped out at Isla Naburot’s private dock to watch the sunset, so I decided to make a separate post about it.

Isla Naburot Sunset (1)
The above is my favorite, because I loved how the palm trees framed the colorful skyline.

I also took the time to go beyond the cliffs and I was afforded with views like this.

Isla Naburot Sunset (8)
It was challenging to take photos on this part of Isla Naburot due to the craggy cliffs, which required balancing while framing my shots, especially when I was near the cliff’s edge, but the end results were worth the efforts.

Isla Naburot Sunset (2)Isla Naburot Sunset (5)
It wasn’t all shooting and balancing, though.  I did take a break to just enjoy the view.  I love sunsets and views like this never fail to impress me.

After about 30 minutes of enjoying the views, I decided to head back to the main hall as mosquitoes and other insects were beginning to feast on me, but I just had to stop to take more photos of the cliff-fringed skyline since they looked so pretty.

Isla Naburot Sunset (7)
It’s amazing how at sunset (or sunrise), the skyline can change so dramatically in mere minutes.

Isla Naburot Sunset (4)
Eventually, the pinkish hues disappeared and the sky turned blue-gray so I took it as my cue to call it a day.

Isla Naburot Sunset (3)
All photos taken with a Sony RX 100 II.

Brave Tales #4: Sunset by the Secluded Beach

Biking 05
I again took Brave for a spin and this time, instead of taking our usual route, dared to bike to as far as Cordova, but when I reached Merkado, had to go back because I found it too chaotic.  There were just a lot of trisikads and tricycles who would abruptly stop (my knuckles ached from constantly pressing the brakes) and motorcycle drivers would also appear from seemingly out of nowhere, driving too fast and not giving way.

Halfway back home. I spotted a dirt road that seemed to lead to the beach so I steered my bike to that direction and was greeted with this view.

Biking 01
I could tell the sun was about the set so I opted to wait and whiled away my time by taking photos of my bike and the views.

Later, I found out that the sun would set not by the beach, but across it, which actually made the views prettier because it had a backdrop of trees.  It was also where the locals would leave their bancas, so I had more to work on photo-wise.

Biking 02
Did you notice how the clouds looked like a volcano and that the setting sun was right on its mouth/center?

Here’s a collage of my sunset views on this sweet spot: my early view of the beachfront, the pale sky that suddenly turned a darker shade of orange, a close-up of the volcano cloud, of the rounded sun over the coconut trees, and of the coconut trees against a sea of yellow-orange.

Biking 08
Here’s my favorite photo from this set, because it just looked so tranquil.

Biking 03
Here are the rest of my photos, which were taken right at the end of my visit to this place, which by the way remains unidentified since Google maps weren’t particularly helpful.

Biking 04Biking 06
I think this is one of the perks of biking: it brings me places, even to nook and crannies that are unknown to most.

Brave and I will be back to this spot, for sure.

Today’s Sunset, August 27, 2015

It’s been a very busy two weeks as I catch up on work after a month-long business and leisure trip.  I would always come home late and today was no different except that I took the time to go out come sunset for a change in scenery.  Imagine my delight when I was greeted by this view.

The above was taken at the Aqua Sports.  Since the skyline was more colorful on the resort’s West Lagoon, I headed to Peninsula Beach for a different view.

So beautiful, isn’t it?  I especially loved looking at the defined clouds with their pastel colors that looked straight out of an Impressionist painting.

I also walked along the spillway footpath to capture the colorful skyline above Yucatan and Zanzibar Houses and Xanadu Lodge.

Over time, the once pastel colors became more vivid, turning the pinkish hues to red.

When I finally reached Peninsula Beach, the colors metamorphosed to mostly blue violet.

So serene, don’t you think?  Definitely, seeing views like these is the silver lining to working overtime.