Las Vegas Desert


The above photo was taken while I was on a bus en route to Las Vegas.  Having been born in the Philippines, I grew up amidst different bodies of water (our house is near a swamp and river, my grandparents’ house is by the river and another relative’s house is right across the sea).  It was thus new to me to see all these mountainous but mostly bare land.

It was also interesting to see an occasional row of houses like these ones.



In some Hollywood films and TV shows, I’ve watched scenes featuring drives along wide interstate highways so it was interesting for me to finally drive through such a highway myself.


The long drive from Los Angeles to Las Vegas could get boring so I entertained myself by taking photos and counting the cars (I excluded trucks and buses) that passed by while I listened to some music on my iPod.



Pardon the photo quality as my bus window had this immovable dotted black screen that prevented me from taking clear shots that’s why I had to carefully zoom in to make the dots least discernible.


Estimated travel time from Los Angeles to Las Vegas is 7 hours and a one-way American Lion ticket cost us USD 20 per person.


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