Cebu: Zip Line at Adventure Cafe


I’m starting my 2013 entries with my most daring adventure to date: Zip Line!

I actually don’t have a fear of heights but there’s something scary about going from Point A to Point B while being suspended on cable that when it was my turn to put on the harnesses and hard hat, I kept on asking my hapless guide about safety and if they ever encountered any accidents. He replied in the negative but I still kept on seeing visions of the cable breaking and someone plunging on mountains and trees. Yeah, I know. That’s the worrywart in me talking. Thankfully, the daredevil in me had a stronger pull and inspired me to get it over with.

Heart hammering against my chest, I listened to my guide telling me to lean back and extend my legs when I’m near the end point. After he counted to three, I felt a shove and off I went screaming at the top of my lungs. Midway, I realized it’s not scary at all and was already smiling when I reached point B. From Point B and back to A, I was already confident I did not even utter a peep. I did not look down though. 😛


Adventure Cafe advertises itself as the first Resto-Adventure in the Philippines. When we were there, it’s still undergoing construction. We also did not dine in  its restaurant but just tried the zip line at Php150 per person.  Other available activities are wall climbing at Php100 per person and caving at Php250 per person for a minimum of 5 persons.


I’m ending this post with these scenic mountain views of the place.


This one’s my favorite.


For inquiries, please e-mail or contact +63 999 681 2339. You may also visit their official Facebook page by clicking HERE.


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