Nobody but Herself


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“She’s going to be a doctor,” the mother said as she eyed her daughter with pride. The other mothers who were with her on the busy playground one lazy Saturday afternoon nodded as they too shared their wishes for their respective children. One wanted her daughter to be a lawyer. Another wanted her son to be an engineer. And another wanted her son to be a successful businessman. One mother in particular was especially quiet so the others turned their attention to her and asked, “How about your child?” And she smiled before saying, “I want her to be nobody but herself.”

What a wonderful mom she is. This woman who wanted her daughter to be just herself. It doesn’t matter if she becomes a doctor. Or a teacher. Or an actress.  What’s more important is that she becomes her own self. In a world where most parents impose on their children to live their (parents) dream for them, this one mom broke the mold by letting her daughter choose who and what she wants her self to be.


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