Seen: Showbiz Celebrities and Whatnot at the Sinulog Grand Parade

There was Gary V who looked dapper despite his casual look.


This one’s actually just a tsamba (lucky) shot.  I heard people shouting so I kept on shooting without knowing who it was that I was taking pictures of because I honestly did not recognize Derek Ramsey in his Kidlat costume.


It was only after I reviewed this photo that I knew it was him and with him was Nadine Samonte, his leading lady in Kidlat.

I did recognize Wendell Ramos.


We also saw Maricar Reyes and Charee Pineda.


On the same float were Giselle Sanchez and Charee’s Angelito co-star JM de Guzman (wearing a green shirt).  They said the one in black was Dingdong Dantes but he had his back to us the whole time so I really couldn’t tell.


Lastly, there’s basketball star Doug Kramer.


They said these people are also actors and actresses, but I really am not familiar with them.



Aside from these celebrities, other personalities of note during the Sinulog Parade were people who dressed up as anyone they pleased e.g. Princess Leia and Darth Vader from Star Wars.



Or this Bird Man.


And this giantess.


But this one’s more suited to be on a Halloween parade.


Lastly, it was also interesting to see floats of all sizes and designs.


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