Sunlight Streaming Through the Clouds

Crepuscular rays

at Fisherman’s Village, Batanes

I love this photo because it has three of my favorite photography subjects: the sun(set or rise), the clouds, and the sea.

And I just love how the sunlight streams through the clouds. It almost looks like sunrise breaking in but this was actually taken about half an hour before the sun would set.

When I googled “Sunlight Streaming Through the Clouds,” I learned that this phenomenon is called Crepuscular Rays. Alternative names are Divine Light, Buddha’s Rays, Gateways to Heaven, God’s Rays, Jacob’s Ladder, Beams of Jesus, Shafts of Light, Sunburst, etc.  Interesting.

Looking at it does make you remember God and His wondrous creations, doesn’t it?  No wonder photos with crepuscular rays are a favorite in religious calendars and books.


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