San Francisco: Lombard Street

Lombard Street is also known as crooked street due to its curves and turns.  See how these cars form a zigzag path?


For those wondering why the street was made this way, it’s because it’s so steep that it became a severe safety hazard, and so in the 1920’s, a property owner in the area suggested the scenic switchbacks.  And scenic it was, as the houses there were all charmingly designed.


It was summer when we visited this place so the street was abloom with flowers, and the flower-lover in me happily snapped photos of colorful hydrangea, roses, etc.



I don’t know what these flowers are called since we don’t have these in the Philippines, but I find them so pretty.

My friend and I also had fun taking pictures of ourselves among the flowers.  Here’s a collage of her photos of me.

Aside from seeing all those lovely flowers, Lombard Street also gave us these views.

To learn more about Lombard Street, click HERE.


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