Almost Heaven


I found the above photo while I was backing up my online accounts/photos to my external hard drive. Isn’t it such a beauty?

All the photos in this post were taken while onboard the plane on my first trip from Manila to Hong Kong in October 2010. Thanks to my window seat, I was able to enjoy the view and take these snapshots.


Looking at these also brought back memories of my first digital camera, which was a Canon Ixus 70 that I bought on my first bonus and 13th month pay in my current company. It was also on this trip that I decided to buy a better camera since despite Mira (I did mention here that I name all my gadgets, didn’t I?) being a good camera as evidenced by this set of photos, she cannot take good night shots.

Here’s another favorite, which a friend aptly captioned, “A glimpse of heaven on Earth.”



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