Hong Kong: The Peak and The Peak Tram Experience


After our Ngong Ping 360 adventure, my friend and I were off to The Peak, which is the pinnacle of Hong Kong with a spectacular view of its cityscape.  The country’s Tourism Board even touted it as their must-go-to destination if you have to visit only one place in Hong Kong.

Getting Here
We took the MTR and alighted at Central.  The walk to the Peak Tram Lower Terminus was an interesting one since we passed by two of Hong Kong’s iconic buildings: The Bank of China Tower and the Cheung Kong Center.

The Bank of China Tower
It’s interesting to note that this I.M. Pei-designed landmark is fraught with controversy because of its design.  Built to resemble growing bamboo shoots symbolizing livelihood and prosperity, some feng shui experts criticized it for its sharp edges and for having numerous X shapes.

Once Hong Kong and Asia’s tallest building (from 1990 to 1992), the Bank of China Tower is the first building outside the U.S.A to break the 1,000 feet mark.

The Cheung Kong Center
Designed by Cesar Pelli and Leo A. Daly, the Cheung Kong Center was designed to absorb the negative energy coming from the Bank of China’s sharp edges or “cleaver,” feng-shui-wise.

As of this writing, the Bank of China Tower and the Cheung Kong Center are respectively the 4th and 8th tallest buildings in Hong Kong.

Did you notice the pool of water with a reflection of the above-mentioned buildings in my collage?  It was interesting to see it change colors.

The Peak Tram Experience

The Peak Tram is the most convenient way to reach The Peak.  It is also historical because it’s first commercial operation was in 1888.

It was already past 9 PM when we reached the Peak, but I did not expect the horde of people waiting for their tram ride.  As usual, I amused myself by snapping photos.  There was a historical gallery, but it was cordoned off.

When it was our turn, I did not expect the clamor for seats.  People were pushing their way into the train and my friend and I got separated.

I read somewhere that the ride up to the peak offers a picturesque view of Hong Kong’s skyline, but I really couldn’t tell because it was dark.  Besides, taking beautiful photos would have been futile because people were blocking the view.

When we reached the Peak, we passed by Madame Tussauds, which was also crowded with people.  We’re not really interested in seeing waxed figures of celebrities so we skipped this (I skipped Madame Tussauds too when we visited Los Angeles last year).  Interestingly, the Peak also had shops, but most were already close during our visit.

Sky Terrace 428
This was our purpose in going to The Peak.  The Sky Terrace 428 is the highest viewing platform in Hong Kong.  I actually already wrote about this on my teaser post about Hong Kong.  This time, I am sharing more photos of the view from Sky Terrace 428.

It was a really beautiful sight despite the fog, but I’d love to see this same view during the day.  Or at sunset.


A note to those who plan to go here: Check the weather before going because when it’s foggy, you will not see a thing.  And do bring a jacket because it can get really chilly,

For more information about The Peak, please visit their official website.



7 thoughts on “Hong Kong: The Peak and The Peak Tram Experience

  1. Carl

    It’s an amazing sight isn’t it. I’ve been lucky enough to visit twice now – once during the day and once at night. I had to remember to put my camera down and just enjoy it for a while as I was so busy taking pics at first 🙂


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