Of Disappointments and Expectations

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You placed me on a pedestal
Even when I did not ask you to,
Even without me knowing that you did
And now that I have stumbled and fallen
You’re blaming me for my mistakes
It’s unfair, but I understand
Because I’ve been there…
I’ve set expectations on people
Then blamed them for disappointing me
When all along, I was setting myself up
For disappointments and hurts
When I set unfair expectations
On them, especially on those I love…
If there’s one important lesson
I learned from these experiences, it is
That it’s always for the best of everyone
To just accept them as they are
And allow them to err and grow
Difficult, I know, because until now
This is my constant battle with myself
But try it, just try it, and you’ll realize
That it’s freeing not just for them
But ultimately, for you as well.


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