Taking Things in Stride


before sunset at Fisherman’s Village, Batanes

Everything’s a matter of perspective.  And I thank my lucky stars that regardless of what life brings me, I always see beauty in anything.  Sure, my rose-tinted glasses sometimes darken but just when they get too dark, hope bursts in like a ray of much-needed sunshine.

Lately, things have not been going as well as I hoped.  Worse, some people have been weighing me down with their negativity.  It was so continuous an onslaught that I almost caved in.

Thankfully, I have my crafts to keep me busy when I was not yet ready to come to terms with everything, my songs to help me release my emotions (think of me belting out the lyrics from Puddle of Mudd’s Blurry, Sara Bareilles’ King of Anything, and Lily Allen’s F*ck You with great gusto), and this blog as an outlet.  More importantly, I have my loved ones to draw strength and laughter from.

I’m still not really okay, and there are moments when I still feel like flipping the middle finger, but I take comfort in the fact that so long as I look at the brighter side of life, there will always be something to keep me going.


1 thought on “Taking Things in Stride

  1. tinablackledge

    Never let another dictate your spirit. Negativity is overflowing and there are many times when our souls are threatened to be overtaken by the flood but you have been given a gift to see the beauty within creation. Pursue the beauty, for they are gifts given us that most cannot see or simply refuse to see.


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