Cebu: At Tuburan, Sitio Pulangbato


I spent most of my day yesterday volunteering for Island Rescue Organization (IRO), which cares for abused, abandoned, and tortured animals. They will be relocating at Tuburan, Sitio Pulangbato in Talamban soon and needed volunteers to do a clean-up of the place.

Between clearing and raking weeds, I found time to appreciate the view.

clouds and trees
It was a beautiful day.  The sky was a clear, vivid blue and the clouds were cottony white.

Come lunch time, in search of a shady spot, I chanced on this cow serenely lying on the grass.

cow against greenery

Doesn’t s/he look regal? And I have to commend him/her for finding just the perfect spot to escape the punishing heat.

I’ll end this post with my favorite photo from this set.


Isn’t it beautiful? For an island girl who is always greeted by the sea, it was nice to see a lush canopy of trees for a change.

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