Summer’s Here (2015 Edition)

I’m officially welcoming summer 2015 with snapshots of my workplace-cum-home in Cebu, the Queen City of the South.

Galapagos Beach
The above is a photo of Plantation Bay’s beachfront taken just last Monday.

I love how the water looked light blue by the beachfront but darkened to deeper shades of blue when farther out.  And the clouds looked so defined.

Next I have a photo taken from the second floor of one of my favorite buildings: Edo Hall.

view from Edo 2F
The resort has only three floors so each room has really good views of our man-made saltwater lagoons.

Since it is summer already, Frangipani flowers are also in bloom, and I love how they make a perfect frame for this photo.

On the ground floor, Frangipani, which we locals call calachuchi, also framed my view of the East Lagoon and Peninsula Beach.

view from Edo GF
The room where this was taken is called Lagoon Side because it’s only a few steps from the water (I just zoomed in this shot thus it looked so close).

I am blessed to be living inside the resort so I have daily access to this paradise and get to use its facilities for free.  Always.

And when there are moments when the view is more stunning than the usual, I only have to whip out my phone to capture it.

Kilimanjaro Kafe
The above was taken after I had my breakfast at Kilimanjaro Kafé, our main restaurant.  I took this because I got so fascinated with the clouds.

Kilimanjaro Kafé is surrounded by Kilimanjaro freshwater pool, which is our main freshwater pool and we recently refurbished it.  Here’s how it looks like now from the third floor:

view from Alien Abduction
Doesn’t the water look so inviting?

Here’s a panoramic shot, still taken from the third floor.  Note the clouds.

panoramic view from Alien Abduction
Now, isn’t my workplace and Cebu home a paradise?  It is specifically a photographer’s haven because anywhere you look, the view is beautiful.

What more, it has everything a water baby like me loves – beachfront, saltwater lagoons, plus 4 freshwater pools of varying designs.

I’ll end this post with a photo of my favorite building.

Chenonceaux and Dune
That’s our Chenonceaux House (farther out are Dune and Edo).  Chenonceaux and Dune house our Water’s Edge rooms.  Water’s Edge is our most sought-after room category because from the balcony, a guest can jump straight into the water.

Now, excuse me while I don my suit and enjoy summer in my tropical corner of the world.

All photos taken using just an iPhone 6.


13 thoughts on “Summer’s Here (2015 Edition)

    1. milai Post author

      Worth it man pud, ‘di ba?

      Let me know when you’re free. I would love to host you for lunch or dinner and you can regale me with your travel tales. 🙂 Your Europe posts are inspiring!

    1. milai Post author

      Thank you. 🙂 Sometimes, I take these views for granted because I see it every day, but comments like this make me appreciate my workplace more. Thanks.

    1. milai Post author

      My workplace is. Thanks!

      When was the last time you visited Cebu? So much has changed. Let me know when you’re here so that you can visit this place.

      1. rcannon992

        Must be about 8 years since I visited Cebu. Another trip I visited Bohol. I will visit again soon I think and especially I want to see Palawan. Best wishes Ray.

      2. milai Post author

        Thanks, Ray.

        Bohol is just a ferry away from Cebu. I’ve been there twice, but plan to visit again since it too has changed a lot.

        Palawan is one of my favorite destinations in the country. I visited Coron and Puerto Princesa, and would love to check out El Nido.


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