Today’s Sunrise, April 13, 2015

I usually report for work at 8 AM, but today, I decided to come in at 7 AM since I have to work on a report that was due before 12NN.

On my way to the office, I was sidetracked by this view.

sunrise 04132015-03

I watched in amazement as the sun peeked among the clouds to shine its light.  Even more amazing was the formation of the clouds around it and over the resort’s saltwater lagoon that everything looked perfectly framed.

I watched as the sky changed from yellow to white and the sky gradually turned blue.

sunrise 04132015-01
I love the clouds, especially when they are cottony white and contrast nicely with the sky.  I can spend the whole day watching them scurry by, or take various shapes.

I don’t have all day to appreciate this though, since I knew it would be another manic Monday for me so I took this last shot before finally going to my office.

sunrise 0413-02
Photos taken using an iPhone 6.


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