Brave Tales #4: Sunset by the Secluded Beach

Biking 05
I again took Brave for a spin and this time, instead of taking our usual route, dared to bike to as far as Cordova, but when I reached Merkado, had to go back because I found it too chaotic.  There were just a lot of trisikads and tricycles who would abruptly stop (my knuckles ached from constantly pressing the brakes) and motorcycle drivers would also appear from seemingly out of nowhere, driving too fast and not giving way.

Halfway back home. I spotted a dirt road that seemed to lead to the beach so I steered my bike to that direction and was greeted with this view.

Biking 01
I could tell the sun was about the set so I opted to wait and whiled away my time by taking photos of my bike and the views.

Later, I found out that the sun would set not by the beach, but across it, which actually made the views prettier because it had a backdrop of trees.  It was also where the locals would leave their bancas, so I had more to work on photo-wise.

Biking 02
Did you notice how the clouds looked like a volcano and that the setting sun was right on its mouth/center?

Here’s a collage of my sunset views on this sweet spot: my early view of the beachfront, the pale sky that suddenly turned a darker shade of orange, a close-up of the volcano cloud, of the rounded sun over the coconut trees, and of the coconut trees against a sea of yellow-orange.

Biking 08
Here’s my favorite photo from this set, because it just looked so tranquil.

Biking 03
Here are the rest of my photos, which were taken right at the end of my visit to this place, which by the way remains unidentified since Google maps weren’t particularly helpful.

Biking 04Biking 06
I think this is one of the perks of biking: it brings me places, even to nook and crannies that are unknown to most.

Brave and I will be back to this spot, for sure.


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