Today’s Sunrise, September 17, 2015

Today I got sidetracked from jogging/brisk walking around Plantation Bay by this view.

Sunrise 03
It was low tide. Normally, I don’t like being by the beach during low tide, but when it is sunrise, I appreciate it since the craggy seafloor makes the shot more interesting.

After taking the above shot, I resumed my exercise only to again get sidetracked after one round of jogging because of this other lovely view.

Sunrise 01
The skyline just looked so pretty, don’t you think? And I loved how the trees made the look more tropical.

When I approached the beachfront, it was still low tide, but water was starting to get closer to the shore.

Sunrise 02
Oh, what I’d give to just spend my day in one of these loungers, reading a book while listening to the crashing waves…

But I had to earn a living so I stopped my morning reverie, took this parting shot and resumed my morning exercise so I could prepare for work.

Sunrise 04
Pardon the discernible noise in these photos. As mentioned, I was out jogging so I only had my iPod with me to take these shots. Editing courtesy of Snapseed.


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