Guimaras: Neptune Pittman’s Garden

Neptune Pittman 02
We visited this small but lovely garden resort in Guimaras in May last year.   Entrance fee is at Php 50 per adult (children are charged Php 30).

Neptune Pittman 01
While famous for its garden, it is also popular among locals for its pool.

Neptune Pittman 03Neptune Pittman 04
The first one is taken from the side of the main house and the second one was taken in front of its rooms.

While my friend was being shown a room, ever the flower lover, I opted to check out their garden.  I was amazed at some of the plants they have since it was my first time to see them.  Most interesting was this “butterfly plant” that according to the staff has stages: first it sprouts yellow flowers.  The yellow flowers then become green butterflies that later turn brown, thus the name.

Neptune Pittman 16
Isn’t it amazing?  And the green and brown ones do look like butterflies.  The staff said the owner got it in Indonesia.  Unfortunately, they are not selling this specific plant, which saddened my friend.

I did a Google search and was able to identify the above as Yellow Butterfly Vine (Mascagnia macroptera).  According this site, the name comes from the greenish, butterfly-shaped seedpods the plant produces, though it does attract butterflies.  Interesting.

At their garden, I also spotted these familiar flowers.

Neptune Pittman 14
I can name the white cattleya (upper right), the Bengal trumpet (upper left), and the crown of thorns (lower left), and Bengal Trumpet, but not the other three, though I’ve seen them many times before.

These flowers looked familiar, but I couldn’t identify their species.

Neptune Pittman 13
I also discovered the Ashoka tree, which literally meant sorrowless (the label is spelled Asoka, but most Google sites I’ve seen spell it with an H) .  To Hindus, the tree is sacred.

Neptune Pittman 10
I saw these unfamiliar flowers too.  If anyone knows any of these, please leave a comment or send me a message.  I specifically would love to identify the white flower with the colorful lavender and yellow-orange center (bottom center) because it looked so pretty.

Neptune Pittman 09
And here’s my ultimate favorite, which Google identified as Ipomoea quamoclit or cypress vine.  Its other names include cyprressvine morning glory, cardinal creeper, cardinal vine, star glory and hummingbird vine.

Neptune Pittman 12
Isn’t it so pretty?  It was my first time to see such a dainty, star-shaped flower.

Aside from these flora, I was also charmed by Neptune Pittman’s landscape and décor.  This is their restaurant.

Neptune Pittman 06
And here are photos of their landscaped garden.

Neptune Pittman 05Neptune Pittman 11
Wherever I looked, there’s something that caught my attention, say the lovely green chairs, the wind chimes made of painted tiles, and the wooden furniture.

Neptune Pittman 15
Neptune Pittman’s Garden also had a spa, which was as charming as the rest of the resort.

Neptune Pittman 08
I’ll end this post with my favorite shot in this set, which looked like an illustration off the book The Secret Garden.

Neptune Pittman 07
Someday, I’m going to have a house with a garden as beautiful as the above.  *wink*

Neptune Pittman’s Garden is located in Buenavista in Guimaras.  Contact them via +63 33 580 2286.


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