Russia: A Glimpse of Yekaterinburg

Yekaterinburg Day 01 (2)
Yekaterinburg is Russia’s fourth largest city.  While also known as Ekaterinburg, I opted to use Yekaterinburg after finding out that it’s named after Yekaterina, the wife of Tsar Peter the Great.

This is my first view of this still quiet city, which I took from the window seat of the plane.

Yekaterinburg Day 01 (1)
For someone who grew up and lived all her life in a tropical country, it was almost magical to finally see an unraveling autumn season.

We were in Yekaterinburg for a business trip and had limited time to tour the city, so I only had glimpses of what the city has to offer.

Cathedral on the Blood
The Church on Blood in Honor of All Saints Resplendent in the Russian Land is an Orthodox Church built to commemorate the Romanov sainthood.

Yekaterinburg Day 01 (4)
As mentioned in my teaser post about Russia, beneath its beautiful architecture is a heartbreaking story because it was built on the site where Tsar Nicholas II, the last emperor of Russia and his family were murdered.

We were pressed for time so I was not able to see the church from the inside.  We only had our photos taken from the front steps.

Yekaterinburg Day 01 (3)
I don’t know what this is called, but it’s near the Cathedral (Google Images isn’t of help since most churches in Russia look the same, so I cannot pinpoint this exactly).

Yekaterinburg Day 01 (5)
Sevastyanov’s House
According to this blog, this is the most beautiful house in Yekaterinburg.    Nikolay Sevastyanov was a successful businessman who made a fortune during the Gold Rush in Yekateriburg at the beginning of the 18th century.

Yekaterinburg Day 01 (7)
Monument Tatischev an de Gennin
Vasil NikitichTatishchev and Vilim Ivanovich de Gennin are the founding fathers of Yekaterinburg.  This monument, which is made of brass is just beside Sevastyanov’s House.

Yekaterinburg Day 01 (6)

Because of its steps, it has become a popular skateboarding area for kids in the neighborhood.

Weir on River Iset
Yekaterinburg lies on the river Iset and this weir (a low dam built across a river to raise the level of water upstream or regulate its flow) is located at the heart of the city.

Yekaterinburg Day 01 (9)
Did you notice the tall structure in the photo?  It was once the tallest building in Yekaterinburg.  This blog even described it as the tallest abandoned structure in the world.  It was originally intended to reach 440 meters, but when the USSR collapsed, they had to stop its construction.

Yekaterinburg abandoned building
The Weir on River Iset is perhaps Yeketerinburg’s most popular attraction.  It’s also a favorite hangout for locals.

Yekaterinburg Day 01 (14)
Near these benches is a garden art of a bear.  It was so cute we couldn’t resist a photo-op.

Yekaterinburg Day 01 (13)
There was some sort of Love Bridge at the end of the river, with love padlocks from lovers who have declared their love there.  Our Russian staff mentioned that it’s common in Russia and so she’s planning to bring her Filipino husband to her native Khabarovsk so they could do the same.

Yekaterinburg Day 01 (15)Yekaterinburg Day 01 (11)
Vodonapornaya BashnyaNa Plotinke Museum
I didn’t know that this is a museum until I did a Google search of what this could be.  Unfortunately, all are in Russian, so I have no idea what’s here.

I’m pleased though to have captured this couple as I passed by the museum because they lent a romantic vibe to the photo.

Yekaterinburg Day 01 (16)

Chapel of St. Catherine
This was named after the Great Martyr St. Catherine, the patroness of the mining art and Yekaterinburg City.

Yekaterinburg Day 01 (17)
For more information about this quaint church, visit this site.

Yekaterinburg City Hall
This 5-storey building’s facade is made of granite and stucco.

Yekaterinburg Day 01 (19)
Here’s a close up shot.

Yekaterinburg Day 01 (20)
Lenin Statue
Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, more known for his alias, Lenin was a communist revolutionary, politician, and political theorist.  His statue in Yekaterinburg is across the city hall.

Yekaterinburg Day 01 (18)
We toured Yekaterinburg only for a couple of hours, so I wasn’t able to see much of the city.  Nevertheless, I will always remember its lovely buildings and still mostly rustic scenes despite its being a city.

Here’s my favorite because again, I was so amazed with my fall/autumn experience while in Russia.

Yekaterinburg Day 01 (8)


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