Gold Coast: Views from Neddy Harper Park

While Neddy Harper Park is just one of Gold Coast’s smaller parks, it became one of my favorites because of its views.

It afforded me views of not just the calm waters of the river, but of Gold Coast’s skyline as well.

The building on the far right of the above photo is Q1 or Queensland Number One, which is the tallest building in Australia and the Southern Hemisphere.  It is currently the seventh tallest residential tower in the world.

This is my favorite spot in Neddy Park. I spent the whole afternoon here just reading a book or watching people do yoga, exercise, or walk their cute pets.

I did some bird-watching here too.  I saw about 3 other types of birds, but they were too elusive to capture.

Pardon the photo quality since these were zoomed-in shots.

Here’s a photo of Q1 from my favorite spot.


And a photo of some houses by the river fringed by lush greenery.

More random photos of my views this time taken near the river’s edge.

Too bad the docking area was roped off.  I bet it would grant me a better view of GC’s cityscape.

I thus opted to just take a closer of the houses as seen from the park.

I’ll end this post with this panoramic shot.

So pretty.


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