Sunsets at Les Maisons D’Itac

Sunsets at Les Maisons D’Itac are best viewed from the beachfront or the pool. 

These were taken on our first day in the resort. 

The cottage was at the border of Les Maisons and Villa Presito, its neighboring property that’s also managed by the management of Les Maisons.  As it was occupied during my stay, I did not go to the cottage itself since it’s considered owned by Villa Presito.  I thus just contented myself with taking photos of the setting sun from Les Maisons’ beachfront.

I watched as the clouds turned to shades of yellow and orange before fading into shades of grey, then black. 

It was cloudy the following day, so the sky was mostly plain. 

Because the weather was perfect for swimming, I also spent most of the afternoon splashing around in the pool.

And on my way back to our cottage, chanced on this view.

Aren’t sunsets amazing?


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